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    Java House Roasted Ground Coffee Espresso 227g

    Manufacturer: Other Manufactures
    Java House Ground Coffee Espresso. A dark-roasted coffee for use in all espresso-based drinks (including cappuccinos, americanos, mochas and lattes). Rich, chocolate and smooth.
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    Dark roast, fine ground. Each bean starts its life as an ordinary-looking green berry on the coffee plant. But, after the berry matures, turning into a luscious red cherry, the magic starts again. The coffee cherries are handpicked and processed to remove three layers, revealing a green bean underneath. We hand-roast them using industry-leading equipment from a supplier with over 150 years of the coffee-roasting experience. The best of the beans are then selected through the cupping process. We choose only superior beans, which are selected based on appearance, body, flavour, sweetness, acidity, mouth feel and aftertaste.

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