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    Jagdish Dry Bhel (Salty Rice PuffMix) 200g

    Manufacturer: Jagdish Farshan
    Dry Bhel Corn Flakes, Sugar, Red Chilly Powder,Iodized Salt, peanut,curry leaves, Rice Puff,Rice Flakes,Bengal Gram,Ratlami Masala,Black Salt.
    SKU: 8906013643246
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    Jagdish Farali Chevdo 200g

    Jagdish Farali Chevdo 200g

    Farari Chevdo / chewdo is mainly eaten (by hindus) during the days and months of fasting. On the days Hindus fast, there is a list of foods that they are “allowed” to eat. The list – often referred to as farali food – includes all the fruits and nuts, milk and milk products including yogurt. It also includes potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, tapiaco, ragigara flour etc…. In fact, the sumptuous delicacies you can eat in place of everyday food makes you feel that you are having a feast because of the variety you can make.
    Jagdish Banana Crisps Pepper 200g

    Jagdish Banana Crisps Pepper 200g

    All the richness of black pepper on the outside and sweet on the inside. Savor the distinct flavor freshness and crunch. Banana chips are long thin slices of banana that have been deep-fried or baked until crunchy. They are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. It can also be consumed during fasts Banana Chips, Refined Palmolien Oil, Black Salt, Black Pepper Powder
    Parle-G Gluco Biscuits 80g

    Parle-G Gluco Biscuits 80g

    This is a Vegetarian product. Filled with goodness of wheat and milk Parle-G has been a source of all round nourishment for the nation since 1939 As its unique taste expanded over the globe
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    KMA Dry Kachori 300g

    KMA Dry Kachori 300g

    This is a Vegetarian product. Jamnagar's famous dry kachori Unique blend of sweet & spicy taste Tea-time snack Zero cholesterol Zero transfat Ready to eat
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    KMA Khakhra Jeera (Cumin) 200g

    KMA Khakhra Jeera (Cumin) 200g

    This is a Vegetarian product. Package includes Plain, Jeera, Methi, Masala Khakhra Low calorie khakhra Roasted snack (Non-fried) Zero transfat & cholesterol Ready to eat

    Fudco Golden Sultana 800g

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