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    Himalaya Chyavanprasha With Honey 500g

    Manufacturer: Himalaya Herbals
    Chyavanaprasha is a preparation with honey and plants. It reinforces the immune system, supports the good performance of the nervous systems, digestive, circulatory and respiratory tracts.
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    Chyavanaprasha is an unique combination of plants and spices resulting of popular wisdom and modern sciences. This ancient receipt is made up of natural ingredients which were tested to ensure you more the high level of purity.

    Chyavanaprasha improves the total wellbeing of the organization while acting on the circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system and respiratory tracts. Chyavanaprasha also contributes to strengthen the immune system, thus making it possible to prevent cough, cold and other diseases.

    Good for all the family, Chyavanaprasha is enriched out of pure honey for a delicious taste largely appreciated by the young ones as by the olders.

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