Here comes the king of fruits - Mango
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    Here Comes the King of Fruits - MANGO

    Here Comes the King of Fruits - MANGO

    I love Mangoes!!

    This blog is the tribute to the king of fruits, “mango” one of the most loved fruit. In fact, everyone enjoys the season of mango and the reason is quite obvious because it is one of the sweetest fruit in the market. You can get most of the fruits in the market and if you want some fresh fruits then you can always get them from

    Even though the scorching and blazing sun gives so much discomfort with unbearable sweltering heat during the summer month of India, also there are few things we can boast about in this season; there are perks and goodies to share and at the end of the day it is all about mangoes! Let us gather more information and get to know this juicy fruit.

    It is grown in most of the parts of India and is also termed as the “Food of the Gods" in Vedas as per the sacred Hindu texts. It is available in all variations of colours, varieties, sizes and shapes. If calculated, there are more than 100 varieties and colour ranges of Mango, and green, reddish yellow, greenish red, yellow, orange are the more dominant colours. This fruit has several health benefits and it affects the human body in very benefitting ways. It is also used in numerous desserts, delicacies and beverages.

    This fruit is at the abundantly found in the country between mid-May and end-June. You can find most of the varieties here and in different prices. You can find the most expensive and the cheapest type of Mango in the country. You can also get the different varieties of mangoes at JustHaat, let’s take a look at what are the varieties we have for you to offer.

    Alphonso -

    The Alphonso variety among these mangoes is known as the best breed of mango in the world. The taste and flavour of this variety of mango is delicious.

    Kesar –

    The Kesar is one beautiful looking mango that derives its name from the colour Kesari. This variety is very sweet and has a moderate size. You can also get a little bit of discount on the products bought in larger quantity.

    The dashehri is one of the most known and popular varieties of Mango in India because it is one of the sweetest, pulpiest, and soft mango. People don’t usually cut it and eat, rather they just suck out the whole pulp of the mango from their mouth and enjoy this delicious fruit.

    Mangoes are abundant in all the regions of India and they are known by various names. Some of the common names in the country are Himayath, Pedda Rasalu, Langra, Kesar, Chainsa, Malgova, Alphonso, Chinna Rasalu, Bombay green, Vanraj, Zardala, Chappota, Lalbagh, Banganapalli, Mallika, Pairi.

    People here don’t eat this fruit as a sweet but like food only. They make mango shakes, even salad and in India, you can see the whole family sitting in a circle and eating a bucket of Mango.

    The taste is hard to describe as it is very unique in nature. It is very juicy with one seed in the middle surrounded by high fibre content and the whole pulp part covers the seed. The mango in its ripening stage turns from green to red and filled with fibres and juicy yellow flesh. But be cautious not to swallow or bite the seed as it gives a massive bellyache to the person. It is abundant and one can get in all local shops and roadside stands in school zones and tourist spots.  Everyone loves mangoes and we hope that you enjoy this fruit in this festive mango season.

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