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    Delicious Indian Sweets to Brighten Your Diwali Celebrations

    Delicious Indian Sweets to Brighten Your Diwali Celebrations

    Festivity and feasting continue all along the Diwali Season, the most celebrated festival in India. We all agree that sweets form an inherent part of the celebration. And gorging on these sweets will definitely add a few calories on you. But hey its Diwali, and indulgence is fine during the festival, we can have a detox week later. 

    Significance of gifting sweets:

    Have we wondered why we gift our loved ones with sweets? Why are Diwali sweets the most gifted item during the season? Let’s find out the significance of the gifting of sweets. Let’s get back to mythology, link the connections and find out:

    • Legends have it that after the 14 years exile of Ram and Sita, they were returning back to Ayodhya. The defeat of Ravan and the victory of Ram symbolizes good over evil and so people welcome Lord Ram with decorative rangolis in front of their house and gave sweets to celebrate the happy occasion.

    • The other epic story again when the Pandavas return from their 13-year exile imposed on them by the Kauravas over a gambling game. Hastinapura was fully illuminated with lights by the people and sweets were distributed as a sign of happiness and joy to welcome the Pandavas back.

    • Diwali is also remembered in a celebration of Lord Krishna’s victory over the evil king Narakasura.

    • Lord Vishnu’s Victory when he came in the form of a brahmin boy and killed the King of Asura Mahabali.

    • In recent years  Diwali signifies the end of the harvest season and the beginning of a new year and so farmers exchange sweets with each other as a mark of celebrating the harvest and being thankful for the abundant crops.
    • It is also the start of the new accounting year for a businessman as they close their books of account during this period and celebrate their success.

    All these stories and more call for celebration and victory and so it becomes very significant that sweets be a part of this grand celebration even now. Some traditional sweets still prepared at homes before the festival sets in are:



    A wide range of Ladoos like besan(gram flour) Ladoo, Rava(semolina) Ladoo, coconut Ladoo, Boondi Ladoos.  Make it, taste it, they just melt in your mouth.


    Kaju Katli


    The Indian version of fudge made with cashew nuts and sugar and adding a different twist in flavors like Kesar (saffron), mango, chocolate, Anjeer (fig). 


    Kaju roll, Date roll, Mava roll, etc. They can even be a combination of two flavors.

    Gulab Jamun


    The most commonly prepared sweet and preferred by all, the succulent sugar dipped juicy Jamuns are a treat for everyone. Some like it hot, some like it cold yum.



    The humble yet sweet treat halwa again is something made in all household be it any occasion. The Indian version of a sweet pudding can be prepared with Carrots, Rava (semolina), moong dal, wheat, besan(gram flour), the choices are many.

    We know your sweet cravings and we know this is the best time for such Indulgence. Keeping this in mind we at have ensured that all of you receive the sweet portion this Diwali and so we have a wide range of sweets stacked on our shelves waiting to be picked just for you. Diwali is just around the corner. Place your orders online, don’t delay. Don’t miss on the products listed below and many more. We also have a range of special Diwali gifts and hampers to be sent to your friends and families. 



    ‘Let this Diwali be A sky full of lights, Mouth full of sweets and heart full of Joy.’ From all of us at wishing you all “A very happy and prosperous Diwali”.  Have you ordered your sweet portion?




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