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    Covid19 Outbreak: The Biggest Scare of 2020

    Covid19 Outbreak: The Biggest Scare of 2020

    The entire universe has been shaken up and is still aghast over the terrible situation. Yes, the world is grappling over one of the worst ever pandemic. What started with a virus affecting a small town in Wuhan, China has now become a cause of worry for the whole world. Countries as far as Iran, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, including India and other Asian countries, are all struggling to contain the virus.

    Officially termed as COVID-19 and spreading across the globe gave it the pandemic status by the World Health Organisation. It’s not an easy task to stop the spread as it is moving at a very fast pace. Nor can we wait for the development of a vaccine that is still a few months away, or wastes undue resources on contact tracing. 

    Our current focus must be on flattening the curve-slowing down the virus' spread, alleviating its effects on health care systems, and saving lives. At this juncture, it is very crucial to control the spread of disease. It’s more important for us to react rightly rather than overreact wrongly and spread rumours. The most effective way to do so is through social distancing, which includes restricting travel and cancelling large-scale events such as concerts, conferences, and yes, university classes.

    The findings according to the World Economic Forum has collected insights from academics within leading universities for a global take on how Covid-19 is spreading, and what measures should be taken to fight the pandemic.

    • The World Health Organization held a media briefing to update the public on the COVID-19 outbreak. Streamed live at 17.00 CET on Monday, 18 March.

    • WHO officials stressed the importance for countries to test, isolate and trace new cases to suppress the spread of the virus.

    • According to officials, more countries need to isolate, test and trace new cases to effectively suppress and control the virus' spread. This must be the "backbone of the response in every country", said the Director-General Refer:(

    Mantra for the situation:

    The mantra for tackling the situation is simply to follow the protocol laid down by the respective health departments, state, country or concerned authority. The very BEST way to protect yourself is to make sure your immune system is in top shape.  This can both prevent contracting it in the first place.

    Do’s - These are a few things which one must follow:

    • Wash your hands frequently, especially as much as possible.
    • To cover your mouth and nose into your elbow or use a handkerchief
    • Avoid touching other parts of the face like eyes, ears etc.
    • Stay at home if you're feeling unwell.
    • Social distancing is our current best defence against COVID-19.
    • Adhere to the instructions as a responsible citizen.
    • Self-quarantine or home quarantine yourself for some time.

    Keeping these in mind the next best thing to do is:

    • Not to be fearful rather be alert.
    • Enjoy the ‘me time’ or ‘family time’ at home and get connected with your long lost hobbies be it painting, creative artwork, sing a song, play a musical instrument, learn a recipe, etc.
    • Try and stock up a few essentials before it is off the shelves.

    Herbs a powerful healer against virus in general

    As it is believed ‘Time is the best healer’. Let’s see some holistic way when herbal intake can actually help us in a way to protect our immune system. Some of the food items are the kind of food high in antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, natural food which if consumed every day can keep cold, cough, flu, sore throat at bay.

    • Garlic, ginger is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, can be eaten raw as well and used as a garnish on cooked food. Can benefit during seasonal flu.  
    • Coconut oil contains lauric acid can be used instead of refined oil during the flu season because of its antiviral properties.
    • Peanuts, dark chocolates have antifungal properties, good to consume this season as it can protect you from infections.
    • Herbs like holy basil leaves can be had in any form.
    • Fruits like gooseberry, orange, grapes, lemon, bell etc
    • Consume homemade antiviral tea. This is the simplest way to boost our immune system. The connection of all the elements basil, ginger and garlic is a good antiviral tea. Here's a link for a quick way how to make one -

    As being indoors is important, getting your groceries and other essentials from online stores would be one way you can avoid the crowd. At JustHaat we have a whole range of all the essentials needed under one roof. At JustHaat we understand the crisis the world is facing and so value the importance of our service at a time like this.

    We are working round the clock and are doing all we can to recruit additional resources in our warehouse to get these essential items to your door. We are also ensuring that all deliveries happen and at no point our customers are unhappy. 

    To stay up to date with our online store update, please visit our Important Update page regularly.

    What we have to offer:

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    All this and many more products are just a click away. So do visit our online store and prepare yourselves for the war of the decade, the Covid19.

    Stay safe, stay indoors. This hour too will soon pass. Just be patient. Time is the healer.

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