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    Ayurveda - The Holistic Way of Life

    Ayurveda - The Holistic Way of Life

    Ayurveda is the most holistic, ancient and sacred science of life, beneficial to humans. Acharya Charaka, also known as the father of health and medicine in India once quoted

    "Life(ayu) is the combination of (samayoga) of body, senses, mind and reincarnating soul”

    His belief, findings, and contributions have been crucial in the research of Ayurveda. He introduced the concepts of digestion and metabolism problems to Ayurveda.

    According to him, the body functions because it contains three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The doshas are produced when Dhatus (tissues) act upon food eaten. Each body produces a different amount of each dosha for the same quantity of food eaten. This is what makes one body different from another.

    Based on this belief and seeing the benefits of Ayurveda we all accept that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease. But treatments may be geared toward specific health problems.

    So let's review some Ayurvedic products and its benefits

    Arishtha(Neem) as it is called in Sanskrit which means reliever of sickness, is the universal healer of most of the ailments, especially related to the skin. Neem oil is also effective in other health issues like acne or pimples, hair loss, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis.

    Neem oil works well as an antiseptic reducing itching, removing deal cell and is also used as a disinfectant for floor cleaners. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, etc properties and can be termed as a wonder plant extract with multiple medicinal benefits.

    The Sanskrit term Ashwagandha means ‘odor of the horse’. This popular herb basically a shrub whose roots have medicinal values.  It helps to reduce symptoms in ailments like stress, anxiety, and depression lowers down blood sugar levels, balances cholesterol level and high blood pressure.  

    It is a powerful remedy to combat diabetes and cancer, relief for arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, etc. It has a rejuvenating, energizing and calming properties. Its multiple health benefits have given it the name ‘Queen of Ayurveda’.

    This friendly plant is again a boon in the field of medicine and wellness. It can be grown anywhere and doesn't need much care and attention. But this one fleshy stem and its benefits are worth noting.

    Aloe vera's juice mixed with milk and water will cure acidity, half a glass of Aloe vera juice every day will reduce body weight considerably and having it in the morning on an empty stomach can relieve from long term constipation.

    It is used as a solution for many skin related issues like black spots on face and hands, applied on skin will reduce sunburns, X-ray burns/marks and also acts as a natural sunscreen, used as face pack to get glowing skin, chewing its leaf can be a cure for bleeding gums and toothache.

    Aloe vera gel with turmeric powder can be applied overnight and wash face in the morning to get relief from pimples/acne and stains. The benefits are endless, no wonder it's called a Miracle plant.

    We all new henna as a source for colouring or dyeing hair or the paste to design the hands during Mehendi and other traditional occasions. But this plant also has ayurvedic benefits and used for the treatment of jaundice, fever, ulcers, bleeding disorders, etc.

    Henna oil is used during medicinal treatment of a wide range of ailments ranging from headache to other skin disorders. The oil induces sleep, helps to reduce headaches and arthritic and rheumatic pains and is applied on bruises.

    The emerging need for dental care is increasing day by day and the present generation is facing a lot of dental issues like a toothache, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth decay, and bad breath. But this super toothpaste seems to be very effective for all these conditions and helps to keep the breath fresh, help protect and prevent gum and tooth diseases, and ensure healthier gums & teeth.

    We all know the benefits of coconut oil in recent years and so converting it into a tablet was the next best way of consuming it as it becomes easier to pop a pill than having a spoonful of coconut oil. Consuming this pill is mostly the solution for weight loss, brain health, slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

    As the name suggests is an ancient medicine and when consumed provides energy and revitalization, is good for our brain health, helps in regulating hormones and immune system. For ages it has been used for different health benefits for mood, memory, sharpen intelligence, gain energy, absorption of vital nutrients, balance blood sugar, efficient detoxification, etc. Its multiple benefits have earned it the title ‘miraculous gift of God.

    This oil is used for its medicinal properties and has proved its worth in multiple common ailments like asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reduces inflammation in rheumatic pains, etc. It is beneficial in weight loss and skin ailments like Eczema, acne, Psoriasis, etc. It is also used in the treatment for cancer, liver and kidney function. 

    This ancient medicine whose roots are from India is now catching up with the western countries and even they have been influenced to use them as they too have started believing in holistic and natural healing helps combat illness effectively.

    Looking at these amazing benefits its better we too live the Ayurvedic way of life and believe in what was said by  Myra Lewin, 

    “The more you let Ayurveda and yoga become the basis for your living, the easier living gets”.

    Truly Ayurveda is the science of life. For precious Ayurvedic and healthcare products, you don't have to go far, visit JustHaat, where you will find all the health and wellness products on our shelves in our ayurvedic store at reasonable rates. So go the Ayurveda way and shop till you drop.

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